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House of Music Group warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship (subject to the terms set forth below). House of Music Group will repair or replace (at House of Music Group’s option) this product or any defective parts in this product. This warranty period of this product is THREE YEARS from date of purchase, if in doubt consult your dealer and ensure that you retain proof of purchase.


In order to enjoy this warranty service, you MUST COMPLETE AND RETURN this Warranty Registration Card enclosed with copy of Sales Receipt/Invoice within 14 days from date of purchase. Proof of Purchase in the form of a bill of Sales or Receipted Invoice, which is evidence that this product is within the warranty period, must be presented to obtain warranty service.


This warranty is invalid if (a) the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from this product or (b) this product was not purchased from a House of Music Group authorized dealer.

You may call House of Music Group to confirm that you have an unaltered serial number and / or you made a purchase from a House of Music Group authorized dealer.


This Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use, or modification of, or to any part of, the product. This Warranty does not cover damage due to improper operation, maintenance or installation, or attempted repair by anyone other than House of Music Group or its’ authorized service agent. Any unauthorized repairs will void this Warranty.

This Warranty does not cover products sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS.

This Warranty applies to the equipment that has been used under local voltage (220V +/- 10%)

This Warranty does not apply to products that have been used for trade and business.



音樂世家 保証本產品自購入日期起三年內, 將維修或更換 (音樂世家保留決定) 本產品或任何有缺陷的零件 . 產品保用期內, 如有疑問請諮詢經銷商, 並確保您保留購買發票作憑證。

顧客必須填寫此保証並連同有效發票副本於十四天內寄回給本司, 保証方有效. 此外, 在要求保修服務時, 必須展示有效發票作憑證。

因下列情況下, 本証即無效 (A) 產品序列號被塗改或除去 (B) 本產品不是從 音樂世家 授權經銷商處購買。

您可以向 音樂世家 查詢,以確認,你有一個沒有被修改的序列號和/或你是從音樂世家 授權經銷商購買。

此保用不括產品表面損傷或因天災 , 意外 , 改裝 , 不正當安裝 , 錯誤操作及經任何非 音樂世家 技術人員修理。

任何未經授權的維修均將導致本擔保無效.此保修不包括出售原樣或者帶有各種缺陷的產品.此保用必須在香港正常電壓 (220V+-10%)下使用。



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